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The ancient residence of the Belfiore monks was built in 1816 together with its wine-press. For over one hundred years the building was used by the monks as a summer house where they produced a very prestigious local wine. This activity stopped during the second world war and the residence was used as a shelter. In 2006, after a long period of dismissal, a process of renovation began with the intent of preserving the building’s captivating rustic style.

Surrounded by a lawn park with century-old trees where you can experience a magic atmosphere, this facility is also equipped with a big swimming pool with fountains, waterfalls and a large rustic-style bar. The outside area is enclosed by an imposing and characteristic lava-stone fence and includes a wide covered terrace with wooden arches and a terracotta oven.

On the inside you will find a large hall with the very old wine press that evokes the tradition of grape harvesting; on the lower floor, which was the old basement, there is a suggestive disco-bar, with many additional facilities. The old barn has now been turned into a dependance, which has undergone deep architectural changes and been equipped with a jacuzzi and a Mediterranean steam-bath built inside a grotto: the ideal lover’s nest for a couple.

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